A Collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Cigars (Part 1)

13th. June, 2020

To help you enjoy cigars further, watch winder suppliers have compiled answers to some of the most common questions about cigars. If you are new to cigars, you will find this part very valuable. If you have been smoking for many years, you may learn something you have not considered before.

Q: My cigar is overheated, what can I do to restore the humidifier to the best condition? Can the cigar be saved?

Answer: In most cases, cigars can be saved. Overheating is a problem, especially in summer or when it is too warm and a more sultry climate. But there are ways to solve it and make sure that your cigar box keeps its best shape all year round.

Adding cedar sticks to the humidifier-which are found in many cigar boxes-will help maintain the optimal moisture content. Put one or two at the bottom of the humidifier, one in the middle, and the other on top. As the cedar absorbs the extra moisture from the humidifier, you will see the humidity decrease. Just pay attention, add or remove the cedar until the desired humidification is achieved.

Do not let go of the cover of the humidifier, as this may cause fluctuations in humidity and make the cigars too wet to become dry cigars in a short period of time. Another thing to consider is the number of cigars in the humidifier; if you have a very large box that contains a small number of cigars, it may absorb more than its proper share of humidity.

Cigar Box

Cigar Box

Q: Although I usually use a double-edged knife, I recently gave a stylish V-shaped knife. What is the difference, will I damage my cigar?

Answer: The V-shaped knife was conceived decades ago when the average cigar was thinner than it is today. They are designed to open up larger open channels to guide smoke, which is a consideration for emission and coronary heart disease but is usually not a problem for thicker cigars like cigars. As a general rule, we prefer the guillotine because cigars cut with a V-shaped cutting machine may accumulate tar that would not accumulate when using straight cutting. In addition, compared to straight knives, V-shaped knives tend to be inaccurate, and you risk cigar damage.

The third type of knives has become popular: bullets or spray guns, knives. This type of cutter forms a circular hole in the head of the cigar, which also has its disadvantages. First, it is easy to pierce the cigar and create a tunnel near the top of the head to make the cigar burn. In addition, like the V-shaped cutting machine, the bullet holes left on the cigar head allow tar to build up near the mouth of the smoker, often changing or soiling the taste of the cigar.


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