• Wooden Cigar Box For Sale

    HOT TAGS: Cedar wood   Large capacity   Highly airtight

    • High end 12 mm Spanish cedar wood

    • Large capacity of cigar space

    • Highly airtight storage 

    • With a humidifier and hygrometer

    • HD glass window: More artistic

    • Hinges of six hole,more wider and stronger than the normally four hole hinges

  • Custom Brown Leather Collection 12 Count Travel Cigar Humidor

    To be luxury, to be unique.

    Construction based on MDF laminated with brown leather

    The interior is lined with Spanish cedar wood
    Special rectangular block shape with matching safety zipper and cortical fixing button for travelling

  • Arc Design High Gloss Finished Wood Italy Humidor Zebra With Lock

    * Hi-glossy finish

    * Inside with Spanish Cedar

    * Internal Hygrometer

    * Curved design at the top of the box

    * Laser plated lock and key set & key set

    * Removable tray with bottom divider

    * Many various different styles,colors,sizes and finishes for your option.

  • Piano Lacquer 100 Counts Large Cedar Wood Cigarette Humidor

    ☆ The cedar wood Humidor is an excellent value. 

    ☆ Our entire line is specially designed to combine detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar. 

    ☆ Our goal is to provide the perfect environment for your favorite cigars. 

    ☆ The enthusiast can now have it all, high quality and low discount prices, all with our full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

  • Hot Sale Wooden Cigarette Humidor, Making Wood Humidor, Locking Humidor

    ☆  Hot Sale Wooden Cigarette Humidor, Making Wood Humidor, Locking Humidor is the boxes with premium quality and all handmade crafts. 

    ☆  This is a California style cedar wood cigar box,made it with environmental paint and multi-technolog.

    ☆  The surface of the box is our customer’s own design,we have discussed with our engineer, finally made out of the physical design.

  • Humidor Ebony Wood Veneer, Humidor for 50-60Cigars, Humidor Humidity Control

    Use our luxury cigar box, give you a better experience. To be luxury, to be unique.

    Construction based on MDF laminated with ebony wood veneer

    The interior is lined with veneer of Spanish cedar 
    Durable hinge especially designed for humidor.

  • Wholesale Simple Style Spanish Cedar Wood Cabinet Cigar Humidor

    To be luxury, to be unique.

    Cabinet humidors construction based on MDF laminated with paper

    The interior is lined with veneer of Spanish cedar durable hinge especially designed for humidor.

  • Wholesale Cigar Humidor Boxes For Sale

    Travel humidor cigar box is a customized product and come in a wide range of materials and designs to meet the individual taste of the buyer. 

    Please share the spirit of your ideas to us, 10 years industry experience you can count on Creative Packing to create & handle your project.

    we have the great strength to make it true.

Custom Cigar Boxes-a symbol of fashion and status

In any celebration, lighting a cigar is a long-standing tradition.

Eye-sighted smokers know the complex effects of stainless steel cigarette cases or letter combination cigar lighters. For those who still appreciate the high-quality tobacco experience in their lives, personalized cigar gifts are the golden key to entering a highly exclusive club.

As a gift to him

Although finding a cigar-themed gift for your cigar lover is a challenge, this is a great cigar humidor, a cigar gift is the perfect gift idea for groomsmen, groomsmen, and fathers. This way he can hide his fashion. We have found that the best cigar humidor will be treasured by your cigar lovers. The humidor is not only a great gift because it saves his precious cigars, but he will think of you every time he opens it and smokes a cigarette.

We have leather cigar humidor and wooden cigar box.

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