Can You Use a Humidor As a Humidor?

23rd. October, 2020

Why is moisture content important?

Whether you are a novice in the cigar world or an experienced cigar lover, you know when you buy a good cigar, whether it is taste, flavor or aroma, it has all disappeared.

The number one reason for a poor cigar experience is that it is not stored properly.

To enjoy the fun of smoking a cigar, moisture content is crucial. This is why the humidor cannot be used as a humidor.

The humidity level of the cigar is between 12-15%, which is ideal for cigars. It is neither too humid nor too dry.

Too much water

Quite simply, if the cigar stores too much moisture, it will become wet. A damp cigar is difficult to smoke neatly, which can cause tunneling (one side of the cigar burns much faster than the other).

Excessive moisture in a cigar can also produce excessive smoke. Too much smoky flavor will make you unable to enjoy the taste of cigar, and can not taste the real flavor of cigar.

Too humid

The essence of cigars is the taste produced by oil. If your cigar is too humid, the oil will evaporate instead of what we want.

What happens if things are too dry? It burns too fast. When it comes to cigars, it burns too fast and too hot.. It destroys the essential oils again and has a negative impact on the quality of the cigar.

Cigarette Humidor is very simple, the purpose is very simple: they can maintain a stable humidity, thereby maintaining the quality of the cigar.

The humidor is a wooden box that can be tightly sealed to lock enough moisture inside to keep the cigar at the correct temperature.

How is moisture produced? Very easy, they are usually built into the humidor through a water storage tank or humidifier. The humidor is made of Spanish cedar or lined with cedar – cedar is the ideal material for maintaining the correct humidity.

Humidor requirements

As mentioned above, always use wooden Spanish cedar wood-lined humidors – the thicker the walls, the better, they can provide good insulation.

Always buy bigger, different shapes and sizes of cigars, the last thing to do is to put your hand in Churchill's hand, only to find that the humidor is not suitable for your humidor!

Ensure that the humidor is of good quality. We are looking for something:

1. Does it close tightly and evenly?

2. Is the appearance of the hinge well done?

3. How strong the clasp is.

Finally, if your Cigar Box doesn't have a humidifier or digital hydrometer, make sure you have enough space for it to close without touching it.


Cigar Box

Cigar Box

Frequently asked questions:

Can I put the cigar in the box?

If you plan to smoke a cigar within a few days of purchase, yes, you can keep it in the box. However, if you do not plan to smoke temporarily, you can put the cigarette case in the humidor, or pour the cigar into the humidor to maintain its quality.

How long can a humidor without a humidor last?

If you buy cigars in pre-packaged Ziplock bags, they will not last for weeks or even a month. If you put your cigars in a Ziplock bag purchased in a store, they are not completely sealed and can only be kept fresh for up to 4 days.

Can I put the humidor in the humidor?

Yes, if your humidor has enough space. The humidor is porous, so if the humidor is located in the humidor, the humidor will remain moist. If there is not enough space, please take them out of the box and put them in the cigar box.

In conclusion

It is very important to keep the cigar at the correct humidity level. The best practice is to put them in the Wooden Cigar Box as soon as possible. If you want to carry them with you, put them in a ziplock bag and make sure you like them within 4 days.

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