Can You Use a Cigar Box As a Moisturizer?

11th. January, 2021

Can You Use a Cigar Box As a Moisturizer?

No, cigar boxes are just containers for holding cigars, and while some may be well made, they are usually made of wood or cardboard -- not well made enough to provide a lot of humidity control for cigars.

Why moisture level is important

Whether you're new to the cigar world or an experienced aficionado, you know that when you buy a good cigar, the taste, flavor, and aroma are all gone.

Too much water

Quite simply, if a cigar stores too much water, it will get wet. Damp cigars make it difficult to smoke neatly, which can lead to tunneling (one side of the cigar burns much faster than the other).

Too much water in a cigar also produces too much smoke. Too much smoke will prevent you from enjoying the taste of the cigar, and you will not be able to taste the true flavor of the cigar.

Cigar Box

Too wet

The essence of a cigar is the smell produced by the oil, and if your cigar is too wet, the oil will evaporate, which is not what we want.

What if things are too dry? It's burning too fast. When it comes to cigars, they burn too fast and too hot...This again destroys the essential oil and negatively affects the quality of the cigar.

Answer: Cigar box

Cigar boxes are simple, and their purpose is simple: they maintain a steady humidity level, thus maintaining the quality of the cigar.

The humidor is a wooden box that can be tightly sealed to lock in enough moisture to keep the cigar at the correct temperature.

How is the moisture produced? Very easy, they are usually built into the cigar box through a storage tank or humidification unit. Humidors are made from, or lined with, Spanish cedar -- the ideal material for maintaining the right humidity.

Cigar Box Requirements

As mentioned above, always use wooden Spanish cedar lined humidor- the thicker the walls the better, they provide good insulation.

Always buy bigger cigars in different shapes and sizes, and the last thing you have to do is put your hand on Churchill's, only to find that the cigar box doesn't fit your humidor!

Make sure the cigar box is of good quality. We are looking for a few things:

Does it close tightly and evenly?

Is the appearance of the hinge well made?

How strong the clasp is.

Finally, if your cigar box does not have a humidifier or digital hydrometer, make sure there is enough space for the box to ensure it does not touch the cigar when closed.

Water content is crucial when it comes to enjoying a cigar. That's why you can't use a cigar box as a cigar box.

Humidity levels range from 12 to 15%, making cigars ideal. It is neither too wet nor too dry.

Can I put my cigars in the box?

If you plan to smoke cigars within a few days of purchase, yes, you can put them in the box. However, if you don't plan to smoke temporarily, you can either put your cigarette case into the cigar case or pour your cigar into the cigar case to maintain its quality.

Can I put the cigar box in the humidor?

Yes, if you have enough room in your cigar case. The cigar box is porous, so if the cigar box is inside the cigar box, the cigar box will remain moist. If space is insufficient, remove them from the box and place them in separate cigar boxes.

It is important to keep the cigar at the correct humidity level. The best practice is to put them in the cigar box as soon as possible, and if you're carrying them with you, put them in a ziplock bag and make sure you like them within 4 days.

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