How Does Cigar Produce Good Taste? (Part 2)

17th. August, 2020

Cigarette Humidor2. The choice of the preservation environment

When you buy a box of cigars, you can just leave it alone, but it is by no means the best way to store it, or you will have to wait for various problems to arise.

Trial level: sealed bag

Put the cigar in a sealed bag, plastic bag, or any odorless container, and put it in your closet or drawer. Keep away from odors, extreme temperatures, or sunlight.

Entry-level: crisper

At the beginning of playing cigars, you can buy a LOCK&LOCK fresh-keeping box. You read it right, it is LOCK&LOCK, because the LOCK&LOCK fresh-keeping box has good airtightness and high-cost performance.

69% humidity pack

Then, you need to buy some moisturizing bags. The humidity is usually 69%. Of course, you can also choose 65%. Put the cigar and the moisturizing bag together in the box, and it’s OK. Sometimes you can add some cedar sawdust to it, which will smell a lot and provide a more appropriate environment for the cigar to mature.

High-end: professional humidor

After the cigar inventory is too large, the fresh-keeping box cannot solve the urgent need. You need a professional cigar cabinet. Because professional cigar cabinets can perfectly control the temperature and humidity, but you get what you pay for, a good cigar cabinet is very expensive.

Professional Cigarette Humidor should have a professional constant humidity system-the the constant humidity system can not only humidify but also dehumidify so that it can be regarded as a constant humidity system.

Whether the humidity in the cigar cabinet will fluctuate greatly when the temperature system is started is an important criterion for judging whether a cigar cabinet is professional. If the temperature of the cigar cabinet drops by 10% when the compressor starts to cool due to normal startup, and then rises by 10 %, so there is no constant temperature.

In addition, in order to regularly provide fresh air to a settled cigar cabinet or humidifier, it is recommended to open the cigar cabinet or humidifier at least once in two weeks.

3. More cigar maintenance knowledge

Cigars are something very nervous, and there are some small details to pay attention to in terms of maintenance.

Aging time: depending on personal taste, try for 3-6 months first

For cigar lovers, a very interesting thing is to compare the flavors of the same brand of cigars under different aging times, so as to find the most suitable storage and aging time.

Avoid odor: separate cigars

Cigars absorb the smell of the surrounding environment, so if cigars of different intensity are put together, they will absorb the taste of other cigars. Therefore, it is usually necessary to store different cigars in different places as much as possible to avoid odors. The layered arrangement and ventilation system of the cigar cabinet can well avoid odor and a peculiar smell.

Of course, there are also some senior cigar consumers who like to store cigars of different brands together to mix their own favorite flavors-in this case, you are happy.

The cigar storage cabinet needs to be rolled every 15-30 days.

If you store 75 robustos in a small humidifying box, the cigar does not need to be rolled frequently, because the humidity of the humidifying box of this size can easily reach a constant state.

About cigar bugs

This is a very headache, but it is very common in summer. Although all cigars go through the process of smoking and sterilization, there are always small insects that cannot be killed still hiding in the tobacco.

The only way to solve this problem is to throw away all the cigars that have been bitten by insects, thoroughly disinfect the humidor, wash and air dry, seal the intact cigars in a fresh-keeping bag, and put them in an ice tray (low temperature to kill cigar insects). After three days, move the cigar to the fresh-keeping compartment of the refrigerator and slowly thaw it. After taking it out, let the cigar slowly return to room temperature. The whole thawing process must be carried out slowly, otherwise, the wrapper will burst due to temperature difference.

Having said that, maintaining cigars is really a painstaking task, but when you tame this fierce horse and taste the unique fragrance and mellow taste obtained through maturation, you will find it all worthwhile.

The above is to see how the cigars brought by watch winder suppliers can produce good taste. Friends who are just getting started should not worry. Only by spending time to raise cigars can you appreciate its beauty.

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