How Does Cigar Produce Good Taste? (Part 1)

11th. August, 2020

Some friends may feel that cigars are rushing and difficult to get into the throat. That is because you haven’t learned how to raise cigars. Today, 100 Counts Cigarette Humidor suppliers will show you how cigars make a good taste.

Why raise cigars?

Everyone knows that cigars are rolled from tobacco leaves, which are organic, breathable, and constantly changing substances.

In fact, even after the manufacturer completes the fermentation process and leaves the factory, the cigar has been in a state of continuous fermentation, and the taste of various tobacco mixtures is also constantly changing. Therefore, after many years of aging, the flavor and state of cigars will change greatly. From the smoker's point of view, an old cigar will burn better and produce a more refined flavor that was not available in the "young" period. Aging can eliminate the "shortcomings" of the cigar itself, take away the pungent astringency, and ultimately make a cigar more balanced in flavor and richer in smoke.

Almost all cigars will benefit from the flavor enhancement brought by aging. Generally speaking, cigars will have obvious changes after 1-2 years of age in a suitable environment, and aging for 10-15 years will show the greatest potential. Although the characteristics of each cigar and the situation encountered is different, under normal circumstances, the stronger cigar itself can benefit more from the proper aging process, because aging will ferment the taste of most tobacco. It is softer, the original pungent flavor is neutralized and taken away, and it may be more difficult to experience this difference if it is a milder cigar.

Although all cigars can benefit from proper aging, it is recommended to only start with premium hand-rolled cigars. Aging will not change the quality of a high-end cigar from a machine-rolled or half-rolled cigar. Every cigar consumer hopes that his years of patient care will be devoted to a potential cigar!

The age of a cigar is determined from the moment it is rolled. That is, a 1-year-old cigar may be rolled from tobacco that has been aged for 20 years. This will not make your cigar 21 years old, it is still a 1-year-old cigar because the various tobacco used will start to re-melt after rolling.

Wooden Cigar Box

Wooden Cigar Box

1. How do cigars produce good taste

The most important thing in maintaining cigars is to control temperature and humidity.


Generally speaking, 18-21 degrees Celsius is considered the most ideal cigar maintenance temperature. Below 14 degrees Celsius, the aging process of cigars will be weakened, so don't choose cold wine cellars and refrigerators as places for storing cigars.

Even worse is the high temperature. Temperatures above 24 degrees can easily cause the appearance of cigar bugs and may also cause cigar mildew. Therefore, your cigars absolutely refuse to be exposed to direct sunlight.


The best humidity for maintaining cigars is usually between 62% and 70%. If stored in a humidifier, as long as the relative humidity is controlled between 62% and 72% and fresh air is constantly provided, the cigars can basically be kept in good condition. (Usually within half a month, turn over the cigar and change the storage location).

In addition, when the cigar is stored in a professional cellar, after several years of aging, it will promote some indescribable and charming aromas. It can be sold for auction at sky-high prices, even higher than the best single malt whiskey and Bordeaux red wine. The reason is that the wine itself has airtight bottles and is stored in the cellar, which does not require manual sorting, while cigars are required regularly. Conditioners need to check the condition of cigars regularly and even provide the most authentic Spanish cedar wood chips, which are added to the aging process of cigars. Therefore, from this perspective, cigars are more precious than wine.

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