How to Maintain the Cigar Box?

25th. April, 2020

Havana cigars are like aged wines. In fact, the taste of cigars will continue to be better in the first 15 years, but cigars do need a little ordinary care. A humidifier mixed with distilled water and polyethylene glycol should be placed in the cigar box to ensure that the relative humidity of the cigar box is maintained at 70 ° (+/- 2%).

Store the humidor in a place where the temperature never exceeds 70 ° F. Keeping the temperature between 68 ° F and 72 ° F, the ideal relative humidity is 68-72 °. Once you add water to the humidifier, you should be able to use the cigar box immediately, and there is no need to wait a few days to test the cigar. If the cigar is in good condition, you should feel the firmness and elasticity of the cigar with your thumb; if you feel the cigar is dry and brittle, it may be insufficient humidification; if it feels soft and sponge-like, it may be Humidification is too heavy.

Sometimes you may find something like white moldy ‘flowers’ on cigarette paper on cigars. This can be caused by excessive moisture, but there is no need to worry because it will not affect the taste of the cigar. The best way to remove ‘flowers’ is to use a soft bristle brush. (Badger brush is more ideal).

Cigarette Humidor

Cigarette Humidor

Havana cigars need fresh air! Make sure to regularly open your small humidor and make sure to turn over the cigar strips. For example, if you smoke infrequently, tip the cigar box on the bottom to the top of the cigar box every weekend, and tip the cigar box from the top to the bottom of the cigar box.

Avoid storing other items, such as lighters and scissors, in the cigar storage area of the cigarette humidor.

With proper care and attention, the cigar box will provide years of cigar maintenance.

The following are the points to note:

1. Do not place the cigar box where it is easily knocked down.

2. Do not store the cigar box in direct sunlight. This may cause the wood cigar box to lose its moisturizing function and heat the internal cigar box beyond the safe range.

3. Do not put other objects on the cigar box.

4. Always use a soft cloth to clean the cigar box.

5. Polish or bee wax cigar box to facilitate the cleaning or polishing of the cigar box.

6. Frequent dust removal will make the cigar box always look like new.

7. Do not wipe the inside of your cigar box with water or any other liquid, this will make the wood lose its humidifying function.


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