How to Use Cigar Box?

18th. April, 2020

When many people get a new cigar box, they can't wait to place the cigar in the cigar box. But be aware that if you place the cigar in the humidor without re-humidification, the cigar will break. why? This article introduces in detail how to use 12 count cigar humidor and how to maintain the cigar box.

A wooden cigar box will draw moisture from your cigar, which will make the cigar dry and harden. Humidification before the first use of the cigar box can avoid this problem.

The steps are as simple as:

1. Place a small wine glass or other humidification equipment filled with distilled water on the bottom of the cigar box.

2. Fill the humidifier and place it in the cigar box.

3. Place your hygrometer with scale in the cigar box.

4. Close the lid.

5. Check the hygrometer daily, when the humidity is between 68 ° and 72 °. The wooden cigar box will remain stable. Note: Do not wipe the inside of your cigar box with water, as this will corrode the wood.

Cigar Box

Cigar Box

A hygrometer with scales is installed in all cigar boxes (except travel cigar boxes).

Most cigar smokers mistakenly believe that a cigar box will break if it is not stored in a 70 ° humidity environment. Humidities for safe storage of cigars range from 66% to 79%. In fact, some people think that the ideal humidity for smoking is 80 °, and the ideal humidity for storage is 70 ° (obviously, different cigar boxes should be used for different purposes.) As long as the humidity of the cigar box falls within this range, safe. Some people prefer relatively wet cigars, while others prefer relatively dry cigars. You will soon understand the proper humidity range for storing cigars and store the cigars in an environment within that humidity range.

It doesn't matter where the hygrometer is placed, as long as you know where it is placed. It is best to have air flowing around the hygrometer to ensure a correct conclusion. It is best to place a hygrometer or a similar method on the lid of the cigar box.

A humidifier is to maintain the humidity of your cigar box. The steps are as simple as:

1. Remove the humidifier from the cigar box.

2. Use a humidification scheme (distilled water and propylene glycol) or just distilled water and send it out through the grate and spray it into the humidifier.

3. Do not fill the humidifier with too much water to avoid soaking.

4. Use a cloth to wipe off any spilled liquid outside the humidifier.

5. Put the humidifier back in the cigar box.

If you look at the humidity timer, you find that the cigar is a little dry. Add distilled water and adjust the mixture of propylene glycol/cigar box solvent and the required distilled water. Moisture in different locations in the home and at different times of the year keeps changing. You may need to try many times to find the best combination. A good rule of thumb is that distilled water increases moisture, while solvents reduce moisture.



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