Watch Winder: Are They Worth It?

26th. January, 2021

Watch Winder: Are They Worth It?

The establishment of exquisite mechanical watch series must have a certain level of commitment. Like indulging a passion for high-end sports cars, acquisitions are only the first step. Beyond that, whether your luxury watch collection is a modern collection from a brand or a classic vintage from an archive, it will require more care and attention than an off-the-shelf quartz watch. Eventually, things that are fairly new to games will encounter the theme of watch winder, and the arguments for and against them can be equally compelling.

What is a watch winder?

The automatic mechanical watch is wound up and operated by the movement of the wearer's arm. This motion is transmitted to a smaller weight in an internal mechanism that swings back and forth and imposes tension on the spring. If left standing for a long time, the movement will eventually exhaust all tension in the mainspring and the watch will stop running. The time required for this to happen is called power reserve, and it varies from model to model, with some models taking up to eight days to shut down.

A watch winder is simply a mains - or battery-powered device that keeps the clock running to replicate the effect of wear, thus ensuring that the mainspring stays tight. You place the watch in a padded stand, then release it, and rotate it gently in one direction or several directions depending on the type. This will keep the watch running until you are ready to wear it again.

But do I need one?

Depending on who you ask, a watch winder is either an indispensable weapon in the collector's armory, or is a pointless expense for the financially more rational person.

The former case is usually centered on a variety of oil and lubricants, which are essential for the smooth operation of the watch movement. They are used to reduce friction between multiple parts and prevent metal-to-metal contact, thus extending the service life of the parts. If the watch is dormant for too long, the oil will dry or condense, which may seriously affect performance.

Those who oppose winding machines point to the effectiveness of modern synthetic lubricants, which are actually only affected by factors such as age or temperature, rather than whether they stay in motion. As long as you follow a strict maintenance schedule, you can replenish the oil as a matter of course, so you don't need to wind the table so often, which can actually be harmful. If you don't wear your favorite clothes under special circumstances, leaving them idle means that the gear is less likely to accumulate wear and tear.

For watches with many complex functions, the two factions tend to meet in the middle and agree that the clockwork makes sense. If a relatively simple third-hand stop running, a few seconds of work can get it running again. In fact, for most clock geeks, manually set and wound mechanical watches are one of the greatest pleasures of ownership. But if a part with a calendar or phase of the moon stops and has to be reset, it can take a long time to straighten up properly and become relentlessly painful on the back. It is certainly beneficial to keep these types running continuously.

I want one!

If you're lucky enough to have a large number of automated watches, and you tend to replace and change them regularly, and you're always ready to have them all ready -- without having to chain them up and set them up first, it's obviously convenient. In this case, you may decide that winding is the way forward, but what should you look for at a time, and how much should it cost?

The more expensive examples usually have more functionality; Some are worthwhile, some are a little fancy. The two most important properties of the winding machine are the ability to rotate in different directions and some kind of timer to allow the watch to rest at regular intervals.

The speed variation of the winder means that the internal weight of the watch is equally worn on its surface and not just on one side. In addition, some clocks only wind in one direction, making it necessary to be able to turn faster.

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