Why do you need a watch winder?

07th. April, 2021

What Is a Watch Winder?

Of course, it is something that winds the watch. But there are more reasons. The watch winder is basically a box that can rotate the watch. You can buy a small box that only fits a watch, or you can buy a large box that contains a bunch of watches. Put your watch in a suitable holder, the winder will gently turn the watch, trigger the watch's balanced winding device (yes, it does), and turn the gears.

Why do you need a watch winder?

Before you buy the first automatic watch, you may not know the existence of the clockwork on the watch. Now that you have become part of an exclusive club for owners and collectors of high-end automatic watches, it is time to understand why it makes so much sense to invest in one or more of these beautiful and practical watches. The following are the most important reasons:

Keep your watch going

Thanks to a complicated spring mechanism, your automatic timer is designed to wind up completely when you wear it. The natural rotation and movement of your wrist wind your watch. However, once you remove the watch, it will stop operating within one to two days. Your watch winder will simulate the movement of your wrist to the exact specifications of your watch manufacturer, via a battery or AC-powered motor. Once you have a winder, your watch will be ready to wear whenever you want it.

The watch will also be stressful

You may be wondering why you need a winding if you don't wear a watch. Can't you manually wind the clockwork every day? In addition to you are likely to forget, there are also stress factors that need to be taken into consideration. Over time, the manual winding can cause wear and tear that would not occur when the watch is wound with a winder. Considering that manufacturer's repairs are lengthy and expensive, this is an important fact to keep in mind.

The watch winder has perfect movement

Facts have proved that the natural movement of the wrist joint is the best way to wind the watch. In addition, your next best choice is the watch winder. Its motor is carefully calibrated to turn the watch clockwise, counterclockwise, and in both directions. The device can be specifically programmed to meet the winding requirements of your watch manufacturer.

It's worth so much

You might worry that the watch winder is an expensive luxury. Don't worry, it is definitely not. Make sure that your watch is in the best wearing condition at all times, and your winder will extend the time for maintenance visits to the manufacturer. Since most local jewelers do not provide services for luxury watches themselves but send them directly to the manufacturer, the service is time-consuming and expensive. Although it is necessary in some cases, regular use of a watch winder can save the trouble of manual winding, thereby reducing the wear and tear of the watch. In addition, your watch will be stored in a safe, dry place, minimizing the chance of scratches or contact with oil or other chemicals.

Show off your watch

Of course, your watch winder has its uses and functions, but it is also beautiful. Many watch winders have a clockwork as beautiful as the watch inside. They are handmade with the best materials and are an exhibit in themselves. You can absolutely proudly display your watch in your elegant and decorative watch winder box.

Eliminated the reset nightmare

If you have an exquisite automatic timer with a perpetual calendar or moon phase indicator, you will find the watch winder to be particularly useful. Usually, it is difficult and time-consuming to set up these complex features. You can't decide to put on the watch and simply wear it on your wrist; you will go through a complicated reset process-unless, of course, you have an automatic watch winder. Because your watch will always wind up, you don't need to readjust the settings. You can wear it when you need it.

Protect your investment

Craftsmen have spent countless hours crafting your watch. More importantly, you spent a fortune on the watch you wear proudly. Give it the care it deserves and let it run optimally in the safest and most beautiful environment. Doing so can reduce the time and money you spend on repairing the watch, allowing you to enjoy your watch longer. Your watch winder can protect your precious watch.

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